Coronavirus COVID-19 Update Tips

Coronavirus COVID-19 Update Tips

Coronavirus Latest Information:
Novel coronavirus, a pandemic of epidemics around the world, is spreading as well as numerous rumors. The BBC has been trying to find the answers to the right message of health protection by picking up important questions from various media, including social media. In the report.

How many days does the symptom of the novel coronavirus appear?
According to doctors, the BBC says symptoms usually manifest within five days. However, in some cases the symptoms may take longer.

The World Health Organization says it is monitoring for at least 14 days if the infection is suspected. However, it is important for some researchers to monitor for up to 24 days. It is very important to know the probable time when symptoms of the disease occur. As a result, doctors and health experts can take effective steps to prevent the spread of the disease.

Once recovered, the disease can happen again?
Since it has been two and a half months since the introduction of the new coronavirus, it is difficult to answer this question precisely now.

However, whatever the experience has been, the antibodies or immune system against any virus, including the novel coronavirus, can no longer be infected.

The BBC reports that corona viruses, including SARS, have not spread to infected patients once they are fully recovered.

Now, after reports of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, some Chinese medical reports say that even after returning home after recovering from the virus, some of the new virus has spread. However, it is still not certain whether the results of those tests were accurate. But the important thing is that once someone is healed, there is no danger of spreading the virus through him.

What is the difference between coronavirus and flu?

The BBC writes that there are several similarities between coronavirus and common flu symptoms. Without examining it, it becomes difficult to understand. The disease that is being affected by the novel coronavirus is called Covid-19. Its main symptoms are fever, cough. These symptoms are also in flu. However, influenza or flu can also cause symptoms such as sore throat. Again, many people with Novel Coronavirus may have shortness of breath, which is not seen in the flu.


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