How to Earn Money from Home In This Lockdown!

How to Earn Money from Home In This Lockdown!
How to Earn Money from Home In This Lockdown!

Those who can turn any problem into an opportunity are called creative. In this time of confinement you can turn the corner of life with your creative power.

Maximum countries that are on lockdown because of coronavirus, so you can try to Earn Money in Lockdown situation.

So you can think now in this coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown situation that How to Make Money Working from Home or how to earn money from home without any investment and start earning at home.

How to Earn Money from Home in This Lockdown! and How Do I Make Money from Home!

It is difficult to tell you a specific way because we do not know your interests and qualifications. So here are some suggestions. You just think how to make money with a computer at home when you have computer, laptop and internet connection, because each case will require a computer / laptop and internet.

Let’s try how to start making money from home or how to earn from home, here is some ideas on how to make money from home or how to earn money from home fast or you can find here that how can i earn money from home:

Searching: To get a job, you need to search on social media or Google. Must be added to different job groups.

Those who can speak good English can go to the VIP Kid website and teach. Not only English but also some other languages ​​are taught here.

If you do not have the opportunity to work in this organization, you can teach online. You can use the zoom or skype app for this. If the student is one, you can also teach in messenger.

Surveys, searches and reviews: You can earn money by taking part in online surveys. Many websites pay to participate in surveys. In addition, you can earn money by writing online searches and product reviews. However, in this case, in addition to disclosing personal information, credit card or banking information may be required. So you have to be careful while working in this case. While working on this, you can work on which is the real work and which is the scam-verification-selection.

If you want to write in your own country, you need to contact the feature editors of different media. You have to talk to the concerned organization about their number by phone. You can show your writing by adding on Facebook. If he likes, he will get money if it is printed in the newspaper.

Translator: If you have proficiency in two or more languages, you will get the job of translator. Such work can be done sitting at home.

Where you can get work:, Translators Base, Translators Cafe, Translation Directory, One Hour Translation, etc. Free account open. You can communicate with foreign translation companies through these platforms.

Data Entry: Data entry is one of the easiest tasks online. In this case, however, the income is very low. However, such work is now very rare due to automation.

How to get the job: Data entry jobs are available on various types of freelance outsourcing marketplace type websites, these sites can be registered for free. One such popular freelancing website is / Data entry work is most available on this site.

Web Development: Many people look for training centers to learn web development for freelancing. But there is no need to go anywhere in the beginning. You have to master the basics first. Now Google and YouTube may be your best teachers. If you understand English well, watch the video tutorials on If you still have any questions, ask your acquaintances or those around you who are experienced in freelancing.

The scope of this work is quite wide. So if you don’t learn well before, you won’t get a job. After learning the job then you have to look for the job.

Caution: You can think how to make money on side or ‘How can I make Money from Home‘ but many people search for illegal sites to show the way to income sitting at home. Various YouTubers advertised on their videos. So be careful. No gambling site can be invested.

Sites like CAPTCHA entry, Facebook fake like, PTC (Clicksense, trafficmonsoon), or Bet36 are cybercrime and illegal. These have nothing to do with freelancing.


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