The Tourist Paradise Maldives

The Tourist Paradise Maldives
The Tourist Paradise Maldives

The Tourist Paradise Maldives

Travel and Tour Guide About Maldives Tourism:

The official name of the Maldives is the Republic of Maldives. It is an island in the Indian Ocean in South Asia. The country is located in the southwestern part of Sri Lanka and India and is about 1000 km from the mainland of the continent of Asia. There are 1,200 islands in the country but there are only a few people.

Maldives is a traditional paradise for tourists. The economy of the country is also based on tourism. Fish also make a significant contribution to their economy. Tourists were allowed to travel briefly to the islands inhabited by the capital, Male. Although many Maldivians live below the poverty line, the country has recently improved in infrastructure, industrial and fisheries. The health care and education sectors have made substantial progress.

Let’s know some more about the Maldives Country, the unknown and the necessary information:

1. Reviewing the language, culture, etc. confirms that the first settlers in the Maldives were of the Dravidian population. They migrated from Kerala state in the southwestern part of India between 300-350 BC. Persian Muslims arrived in these islands in the 12th century. They were known as ‘foreign saints’. These foreign saints or Persians introduced the Maldivians to Islam.

In 1153, the Persian Muslims established the ‘Independent Islamic Sultanate’ here. They maintained the sultanate system until 1968, bearing the sultan’s name. From 1887 to 1965, the country was the dependent state of the British. On July 26, the island became independent. Since 1968, the country has maintained a democratic system. At present, it is a state-ruled country.

2. The country has a population of 298 square kilometers, with about 3 lakh 41 thousand people. It is the ninth smallest country in the world in terms of volume.

3. Dhivehi language or Maldivian language is the official language of the Maldives. Almost all of these islands speak different dialects of the Dhivehi language. There are also Sinhalese languages, Arabic languages ​​and various Indian languages. However, the English language is used in the international trade and tourism industry.

4. Most people of the country are believers in Islam. About 99 percent of the people of the country are followers of Islam. The remaining 1 percent belong to other religions.

5. Malay is the capital and most populous city of the Republic of Maldives. The area is 9.27 sq km. It is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Administratively, the city has a central island, an airport and two more islands run by the Male City Council. The islands of the mall are linked to each other by close connection of paved roads.

The central island has been heavily urbanized. There are many tourist centers in Mali and many resorts in the vicinity. The central port of the Maldives is located in this city. Which is the center of all commercial activities in the country.

6. The country has a humid tropical climate. The dry season is seen in the Maldives from April to January and the dry season from February to March. The highest average temperature here is around 30 degrees Celsius and the lowest average temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius.

7. Presidential system of government is present in the country. The president is the head of the government. The president appoints cabinet ministers and he is their chief. The president served for five years. However, non-Muslims have no franchise in the country.

8. Although small, the country has its own defense system. They have their own joint defense force called The Maldives National Defense Force. The main task of this force is to protect the security and sovereignty of the country.

9. The country is one of the lowest in the world. The highest altitude from the sea level famous for tourism is only two decimal three meters and the average height is only one decimal five meters.

10. Eating practices in the Maldives is essentially fish-centric, as fisheries are the second largest industry in the Maldives. Fish and rice are the most commonly used daily foods, the most important source of fish protein in the diet list. Most of the food served at tourist resorts is imported.

Here are some essential information about Maldives travel:

On Arrival visa in Maldives, so there is no need for tension on visas. You don’t need any papers. It will take only three things:

A. Own passport, including dollar endorsements. Must have a minimum 6 month validity minimum.
B. Hotel Booking Papers.
C. Return tickets at the end.

Tropical Haven Maldives Tourist Information:

Now, how to manage hotel booking papers?
If you want to stay at the, you can book in the hotel or resort, booking the booking confirmation paper and print the game.

In other words, on arrival visa, dollars can be endorsed in Bangladesh for $ 200 per person! It’s just the rules. Maximum $ 5000 can be taken. No one will ask. It’s good to have a credit card.

Now let’s manage the return ticket. How many days before the return ticket should be decided beforehand? Set up a tour plan, then deduct the return ticket for that day if you plan to return. Take a print.

If all three things are right, immigration will not be a problem.

12. Since ancient times marine fish has been the cornerstone of the country’s economy. But now the country has made considerable progress in the tourism industry as well. It is said that tourism is the largest industry in the country. 28% of the total income and 60% of the total foreign income comes from the tourism industry.

13. Maldives official currency Maldivian rufiyaa. 1 rufiyaa equals approximately Bangladeshi 5.45 rupees and 4.95 Indian rupees.

14. The country’s total GDP is about $5.74 billion and per capita income is about $15,463 US.

15. The dialing code for the Maldives is +960.


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